Business branding videos

Many times a business wants to promote their brand in general and not just a single product or service. We have a vast amount of experience branding companies from Fortune 500 all the way to start ups. Here’s a small sample of the business branding videos we have created for companies just like yours!


Stache Cups Brand Video

Stache Cups needed a brand video to raise awareness about who they were. We create a concept where we showed how much fun people have while using Stache Cups.


Bill Haas Family Foundation

The Bill Haas Family Foundation needed a brand video to tell the story about why their foundation exists and the good that they are able to because of their supporters.


Harper Corporation Brand Video

We filmed over 7 days to capture the essence of what makes Harper Corporation so special.


CoverQuest Brand Video

As with most of what we do, we created the concept, wrote the script, hired the actors, and created a video that makes money for CoverQuest to this day.

Our company has years of experience in creating the very best industrial and manufacturing videos. No matter the requirement, whether it is a product video, corporate video, or even a commercial, we understand the particular needs of the industrial and manufacturing industry and can create videos that bring results.

Greenfield Industries manufacturing video

Greenfield Industries in a manufacturing company located in Seneca, SC. They asked us to create a corporate manufacturing video as well as several industrial videos showing their products.

We even brought in a super slow motion camera to capture their drills bits in beautiful slow motion.

Liquid Floors industrial video

Liquid Floors is an amazing company that turns turns old concrete floors into something beautiful and brand new. They asked us to document their process for 7 days.

Pinnacle Staffing manufacturing video

Pinnacle Staffing is a full service, onsite staffing agency. In this video we meet their top executives as well as the onsite manager, Ken.

Whether the environment is clean or dirty, high tech or manual labor, we know how to create results through powerful manufacturing and industrial videos.