Having the right Kickstarter video is essential to getting the funding you need for your project. A quality video tells the right story in the right way and connects with the target audience that will fund your project.

Not only is it important to have a great Kickstarter video, but you need a video production team with the experience in marketing to the Kickstarter community.

Our Kickstarter clients have been successful in not only reaching their project goals but in vastly exceeding them. Their videos have been featured in top-tier websites, giving them the exposure they need long after their Kickstarter campaign is complete.

Fohm Kickstarter video

Fohm is a revolutionary bedding manufacturing company who created a pillow that wicks away body heat. When they decided to launch their pillow through Kickstarter, they came to us shoot the video.

Our challenge was to discover a way to show how the pillow wicks away the heat. If Fohm could take their pillow to everyone in America and let them place their hand on it and feel the difference, they would have no trouble selling their product. But in the cold, formal world that is the Internet, there is no way for people to experience the feeling of sleeping on a Fohm pillow.

So our big idea was that we needed to let people experience the technology in a way that they could quantify it. We did this by showing the infrared camera (at the 1:00 mark).

Another secret to this film was the Kickstarter video secret sauce (which which is really no secret at all). The most successful videos on Kickstarter are ones that strike the delicate balance between the humanness of the creators and the professionalism in the product. Yes, you want people to like your product but it is important that people also like those who are creating the product. And that is a tremendous difference in our videos. The Internet is a cold place and the right video helps humanize our experiences with each other.

Open Frame Kickstarter video

Open Frame is a fantastic way to mount and display art, posters, photos, and more. The guys at Open Frame came to us with a strong concept for their Kickstarter video: they wanted to showcase the posters people hung on their walls as they grew up. A limited budget meant we had to get super creative to make their dream a reality.

We took over a beautiful house in Greenville,SC for a day and shot in 4 of the rooms.

The most difficult part of the Kickstarter video shoot occurred at the 1:07 mark where we shot and combined photos of multiple Open Frame configurations and art.

Fohm Kickstarter video transcript

Hello, I’m Nick Ondrako and I’m Erick Arbe. We’re the creators of Fohm: the most technologically advanced pillow ever created.

Did you know we spend a third of our life sleeping? For the average person, that’s about 25 years. Think about that: 25 years of your head resting on a pillow. But for many of us, the pillow is just an afterthought.

It’s now time the pillow gets the attention it deserves. We set out to make a better pillow. And the journey was remarkable. SO our adventure began by meeting with industry experts, leading chemists, and even some textile wizards. We quickly discovered that not all pillows are created equal. In fact, there has been little to no innovation with traditional pillow materials in a long, long time.

And that’s when our journey led us to experiment with memory foam. We realized there was room for major improvements. And for us, that was a turning point.

Fohm was built from the ground up, revolutionizing memory foam in the process. Combining techniques, fabrics, materials, never before used in memory foam pillows. Think of this as memory foam 2.0. No more uncomfortable, hot memory foam. This is a brand new, completely transformed, cooling, breathable foam. We started with what’s inside the pillow itself: infusing the latest in phase change technology.

Then, we focused on the cooling layer gel on top. Traditionally, cooling gel layers are thick, they trap heat because they’re not breathable. Our cooling gel layer’s completely breathable because it’s completely infused in the foam. From there we worked with our textile guys to develop a fabric that is not only cooling and wicks moisture, but perfectly complements the technology inside our pillow.

The result was a pillow that regulates your temperature, maintaining ideal sleeping conditions all night long. This is a new breed of pillow. One that allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling energized. There’s nothing in the world quite like this.

So all of our research, testing, and development is now complete and we need your help. We need your help for two more molds, commitment to 10,000 yards of fabric, and factory time right here in the United States. We want you to start thinking about the way you sleep. We want to you to rethink your pillow. Be part of the team that is helping the way you sleep and back us on Kickstarter today.

Open Frame Kickstarter video transcript

When we’re kids, the stuff we make gets put up where everyone can see it. Before long we start creating our space, putting things on walls and our — whoops. As we change, so changes what we put on our walls and the way we hang them. And some things become more important than others.

We think it’s time the way we present what we love grew up with us. This is Open Frame. Show what you love in a beautiful way that can change with you.

Hi, I’m Matthew Smith. I’m one half of Open Frame. With Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk we’ve teamed up because we both have the exact same problem: we have tubes of posters that we love sitting under our beds or hanging out in our closet and they weren’t getting up on the walls where they belong.

We’ve taken a material that I love and given it a place on the wall where we can put our poster. An Open Frame means that you can change up however this thing is being used. You can put multipled, you know, photographs on the same large frame, arrange it how you want and change it next week when your family comes into town and you don’t want them to see your love of Poodles, instead you want that, you know, that family picture up. Just change it — it’s really simple to do. Instead of like, having to redo or undo a frame that you’ve put together. By having simple magnets on there, it has this approach that just feels aesthetically warm, it’s flexible, it can do so much.

Thank you for your interest in Open Frame. We’re so thankful to have you here supporting us on Kickstarter. I can’t wait to get one of these in your hands. This is going to be an outstanding American made product.

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