greenville sc videographer

Need to hire a Greenville SC videographer? Here is a sample of the videos we have shot for clients across the southeast, including Charlotte, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, and Asheville.

Skills of our videographers

Finding the right videographer for the job is important. To make your project a success, it’s important to find someone who will listen to your needs, understand your goals, and have the skills expertise to make that a reality in the video or film.

The Metropolitan Arts Counsel needed a videographer to shoot a new commercial for Open Studios. We create a unique story that has not been done before, to our knowledge, in the Greenville, SC market.

Each of our videographers have a wealth of experience. We have filmed weddings, corporate events, commercials, shorts, documentaries, and television. Whether you need a big-budget production or something small and organic, we have the tools to make you a success.

Conveniently located in the upstate, we easily drive to major metropolitan areas like Asheville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Sometimes we have the luxury of scripting scenes and spending as much time as we can on shooting it to perfection. Other times, we have to grab moments at they come to us in a live event. When videoing live events, it’s important to have an experienced videographer. They can anticipate what is happening and be at the right place with their camera.

Century BMW asked us to cover their BMW i3 Ride and Drive event. Knowing how to shoot the event allowed this video to be a success.

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