We are a Greenville, SC video production company serving the southeast. Much of our work involves commercials, documentaries, interviews, testimonials, and shorts.


A video production company with an ear

When our clients approach us about their film project, our very first step is to listen. Knowing the needs of our clients as well as the target audience allows us to know the purpose of the video. The end result is our clients get the video that will make them successful.

This pre-production meeting can be quite detailed but it has made us the Greenville SC video production company we are today.

The key to a successful video production is not just a good story, it has to be the right story. Listening to clients ensures the final product is a success.

When we filmed the BMW i8 documentary, it required 3 pre-production meetings including a location scout.

A video production company with a brain

We take care of all the details that make a video production a success. Location, crew, & actors are just a few of the considerations. We hand pick the right gear for the shoot. We rent gear if necessary. We give you a list of things we need from you and prepare you for the day.

A well-oiled Greenville, SC video production is not easy but our clients wouldn’t know that.

The Metropolitan Arts Counsel needed an eye-catching video to promote Open Studio. This video production took 4 days to film and over 2 weeks to edit.

A video production company with an eye

They say the devil is in the details. Our clients depend on us to ensure everything is picture perfect. We scrutinize our work so that we produce the very best video for our clients.

Greenfield Industries approached us about shooting a series of product videos for their line of taps and drills. We spent 2.5 hours lighting the room and actor. Taking the time to properly light and film a production means our clients get the very best video possible.

We are a Greenville SC video production company that knows the art of cinema. Let us use our ears, brain, and eyes to do amazing things for you.