Encouragement from the stories of small business owners.

If you’re a small business owner or the person in charge of marketing for your company, this is the podcast for you.

Every week we talk with active business owners who have companies that look just like yours. They share the highs and lows of their business and give real-world feedback that you can use to make your company stronger.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

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Hosted by Will Stewart

In a former life I was a creative director for a marketing agency. Before that, I founded, grew and sold the company I started as a high schooler.

These days, I’m a Gold ADDY Award winning cinematographer who runs a video production company called 9/8 Central.

I get to help a lot of people through my company.

I filmed a national commercial for John Deere that played during the Grammy’s and Pro Bowl, filmed a spot for Northwestern Mutual that had millions of views online, helped the Ronald McDonald House raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more.

My client list includes Volkswagen, BMW, BMW MINI, Audi, Ryobi, Home Depot, GE, Samsung, BMW, Michelin, TD Bank, Southern Tide, Fatz Cafe, United Community Bank, Zaxby’s and many others.

As fun as it is to work with the Fortune 500 companies, I’m also thrilled to help startups and small businesses thrive by applying the same principles we use to brand the big companies.

The reason this podcast exists is simple: I love small business owners and I want to help you succeed.

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Honest conversations with the people behind the businesses in your neighborhood. This is the story of how they thrive in a local economy.