Marco took all of his experience with brand and web interface design to create an unforgettable coffee shop.

We discuss what sustainable and ethical business practices mean to him, how he formed a partnership that works, and the details that go into branding a physical space.

Successful business owners are always thinking about something bigger than their company. It’s evident that Marco Suarez of Methodical Coffee thinks a lot about sustainability. It shapes the decisions he and his partners make to support the company, the environment, and the vendors they interact with on a daily basis.

Having a reason why you exist is important. Those values help you make decisions on what to do and how to them. It’s easy to skip this part and get right to business but the shortcut isn’t worth it in the long run.

Marco reads a lot. Here are the books he recommends. If you’re going to read through this list, I recommend starting with “My Personal MBA”.