Documentary style videos

Documentary-style videos are some of our favorites to film. It’s real and raw and can tell a powerful story. Even though it seems like the content is random, we orchestrate every moment in the film to ensure we get the documentary video our client’s need. It’s what we do best.


We create the perfect documentary style video through three steps.

Pre production

We will have detailed meetings where we learn your objectives and creative vision.

We create the concept and write the script.

We create a shot list, schedule crew and talent, and provide web tools for everyone to stay on task leading up to the shoot.


We have a veteran team who know how to turn a concept into reality.

As we make the magic happen, you get your own monitor to watch.


As we edit, we give you the tools to comment on drafts and make key decisions. Plus, we have a dedicated edit bay in downtown Greenville, SC where you’re welcome to drink coffee and watch ou work on an 80” TV.

Most importantly, we work quickly and efficiency so you aren’t left waiting on the post process.


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