Because this video was going to be a major tool in helping WYNIT employees be comfortable with moving to an entirely new area, the stakes were high for us. When the video was shown to the CEO of WYNIT for the first time, he liked it so much, he cried.

Here's what WYNIT had to say about their video: "9/8 Central took our concept and made it reality. You make a great team and have a wonderful eye for catching the emotions and moments and translating them to a story on the screen."

When WYNIT decided to move to Greenville, SC, they asked us show their employees the heart and soul of the city through video.

WYNIT had a very tight deadline so we had to move fast. We met with their marketing team to draw up a plan and then started shooting soon after. For 2 days we captured the City of Greenville through video and through hyper lapse images on specialty equipment that no other video production company in Greenville has. After that, we filmed interviews with the employees of WYNIT who had already moved and fallen in love with the area.

BTS of the opening scene