Smart Hands product video is for a revolutionary system that uses technology to remind healthcare professionals to wash their hands.

It seems like a pretty simple task, but in the hustle and bustle of caring for patients, sometimes the simple things get overlooked. As a result, hospital infections increase. That leads to sick patients as well as a bad reputation for the hospital.

It was an honor to be on the ground floor of the Smart Hands launch to help the founders, Nick & Eli, realize their vision in this product video. We used our battle-tested pre-production process to find out exactly what we needed to know:

  1. Current problem
  2. Impact of the problem
  3. How Smart Hands solves the problem
  4. The result of using Smart Hands.

We also performed a pre-interview to get a complete idea of what Nick and Eli wanted to say. Pre-interviews are essential. We find that it reduces the confusion on the day of the shoot and ensure we film the exact message our clients need.

At the end of our meeting, we wrote out the 3 Acts the story would follow onto the whiteboard.


After consulting with the Smart Hands team, we then prepared a script with a simple storyboard to illustrate how we were shooting the product video. All that was left was filming it.

All of our clients have deadlines, but this product video had a particularly tight one. Creating a clear plan before we shoot ensures we don't waste time; it gives our clients the confidence they need that we are providing exactly what they want.

Here's what Nick Hutchins had to say about our work:

We needed a high-quality marketing product, and within a very tight deadline. William and Micah delivered on all fronts and exceeded our expectations. They're both great to work with and know exactly what they're doing. No time was wasted, and the final product clearly demonstrates their ability to execute. Can't recommend them enough.


Our mission is to use technology and psychology to help care providers deliver smarter patient care. When we learned 100,000 people die every single year from hospital-acquired infections, which are largely preventable by practicing proper hand hygiene, we knew this was a problem we could solve. 

Care providers are dedicated to health and well-being of their patients. But with the busy and chaotic environment in a hospital, it’s easy to forget even the most basic safety procedures, like washing your hands.

Hand hygiene has been proven to dramatically reduce infections in hospitals. Lack of proper hand hygiene not only harms patients, but costs hospitals $30 Billion dollars a year.

We saw a clear path to solving this problem by leveraging cutting edge technologies and gamification.

The end result is Smart Hands: the first and only hand hygiene adherence game.

Smart Hands uses a network of low-power bluetooth transmitters placed throughout the hospital, along with smart watches worn by hospital staff to identify hand washing opportunities. 

Smart Hands reminds staff to wash their hands when they forget—and rewards them for washing often and well. This turns by hand hygiene adherence into a competitive game.

Leaderboards allow staff to compete with each other and administrators to monitor adherence and reward top-performers.

Smart Hands is easy, requires no change in hospital procedures, and most importantly, is a proven approach to improving hand hygiene.

If you break it down, 275 people died today from a hospital-acquired infection.  Smart Hands is an elegant, easy, effective solution to a serious problem.  

With our beacon and smart watch platform, there are so many ways we can help care providers deliver smarter patient care.  Smart Hands is only the beginning.