The Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas raised thousands of dollars with video.

The Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas needed help fundraising at the annual McGala. We guided their team through the process to film a story that would win the hearts of donors.

As a result, we raised over $250,000 more than they had in previous years.

How we do it

We guide our clients through a 3-step process that helps us create a video that wins the hearts of their donors. We call it “Story 360”:

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Story 360

1. Identify your target audience
2. Identify the needs of your audience
3. Create a clear call to action

It’s a simple step-by-step guide that ensures we give our clients exactly what they need to win more donors.

With the implementation of Story 360, our clients are seeing even greater success than they were before. 

Having a process ensures we catch any faults in the messaging early and lets us capitalize on the ideas that will grow your non-profit.

Non-profits we have worked with include Greenville Symphony Orchestra, Thrive Upstate, The Metropolitan Arts Counsel, South Carolina Children’s Theatre, and others. Here's a sample...

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