Product videos are important but they can be a challenge to film, especially if they are technical in nature. Because we have done many of these, we have developed a formula that works. 

The secret to our success is 2-part: 

  1. listening to our clients to understand the points that need to be made in the product videos as well as what features are insignificant and which ones need to be left out. 
  2. being able to deliver a high-resolution product that is 100% what the client wants.

With this product video for Allegro Industries, our involvement began with the script. Many of our clients need us to help them turn the "engineer-speak" into conversational english that informs the viewer as well as maintains their attention. We have an amazing writer who can do just that. 

Once the script was approved we created a shot list to ensure we filmed everything the day of the shoot. On the day of the shoot, our Producer takes notes to link the shot list to the camera clips so that our editor can quickly piece the video together.

Here is what the notes looked like after the shoot:

While we were working on the script and shot list, our producer was finding the talent to present on camera. We talked with the client at length to understand what look they desired and then talked to all of the quality regional talent agencies to discover a good fit. We have a great relationship with agencies not only in our area but in the surrounding states. Aaron, our talent for this video, was from North Carolina.

On the day of the shoot, our crew of 4 rolled in with a full camera and lighting setup. We spent several hours setting up lights, scrutinizing the set, arranging props, and coordinating all the final details with the client.

An important piece of gear we bring on set is a high-resolution, color-calibrated 21” monitor that is dedicated for our clients. We broadcast the video wirelessly from the camera to the monitor. This allows our clients to comfortable watch us as we shoot to ensure every frame is perfect.

Clients also had snacks and coffee at their monitor. It's the little things.

For the Allegro Industries product video we had a teleprompter for the talent. This helps us reduce mistakes on the shoot and film the speaking portion of the video quickly.

Carbon Fiber RED Weapon rigged with the Teleprompter.