We had a small window to work with where the sun was low enough to appear to be night but wasn't too dark.

The Ice on Main commercial was a year in the making. This video was a technical challenge for several reasons. We were shooting two days that were nearly 6 months apart and we were shooting with a professional studio camera (Canon C100) as well as GoPros. Matching  footage to where it looks like one camera would be a technical challenge, but doable.

Before the shoot our crew did a myriad of tests to ensure we matched colorspace as well as focal lengths between the two cameras. We finally settled on the Zeiss 21mm prime for the C100 to go with the stock look of the GoPro.

We shot our first day on the ice with a crew of 8, 3 actors and over 30 extras.

The next shoot was in the summertime. Our first location was the YMCA, followed by a neighborhood, and then the facilities at The Academy of Arts.

For the pool scene, we used a GoPro that we dropped in the water repeatedly. We weighed the camera down so it fell realistically for the shot. Once we got the shot we needed, we moved to a subdivision where we strapped a GoPro onto the head of our actress for the bike scene.

After the commercial was cut together, it was time to put in the audio. All the audio in the commercial was put into the video during the edit. Nothing was recorded the day of the shoot. We met our actors in a recording studio and had them re-record all their lines. Then we added all the audio effects that sell the story: the water splashes, bike chain, audience clapping, etc.