We are proud to be the video production company that worked with Bright + Co to create the brand video for Greenville’s new professional soccer team, The Greenville Triumph.

Creating a pro soccer team from nothing takes a lot of work. When they announced their intentions to bring a professional soccer franchise to Greenville, they hadn’t created any branding: including the name, colors, and logo. 

So for months they worked in secrecy until they were ready to unveil the new name of “Greenville Triumph” as well as the branding at a launch party in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

That’s where we came in. The Triumph wanted a video to explain the reasoning behind the name and why “triumph” described Greenville, South Carolina’s past and its future.

We worked closely with Andy Mendelsohn, the creative director for Bright + Co, to make this a reality.

Here’s what Andy had to say about the reasoning behind the script:

“I thought it would be good to go against what was expected. Everybody expected to see all these great highlights: soccer goal, kick, save, slide, trip. There’s certainly some of that in there. There’s certainly a place for it in the video.  But it’s a bigger story. It’s a bigger and more emotional story. Rather than just have it feel like a pep talk for soccer, we wanted it to feel more like a story from Greenville.

“Triumph, to me, is certainly a sports-related word because that’s the ultimate goal: to triumph and to win. And many teams have triumphed over adversity. So there’s certainly that aspect to it.

“But we wanted to tie it back to the community and to Greenville which has triumphed over its own form of adversity and its own sense of loss and defeatism. Greenville has picked itself up and turned itself into one of the most inviable place to live in the country.

“I wanted the video to feel more anthemic. More as an homage and an ode to what Greenville has become and how the soccer team should reflect that. 

“This is a town that supports its teams. This is a town that supports local business. We support each other here. And I just thought it was important to reflect that and make it feel bigger than just playing soccer and selling tickets.

“The leadership team of the Greenville Triumph seemed to be moved by the idea. They got it. They were very supportive. Got it right away. And said, ‘go. Go make it. Go finish.’”

Once we received the script and general feel of the video was decided, we set about to create a shot list that matched every line in the script. We used the shot list as a guide to help us understand what video footage we needed to film and what we needed to purchase. 

In this video, there is a lot of archival imagery from historic events in our nation and Greenville. We sourced all the footage and worked with the local historical society to find what we needed. It took a lot of time and effort to find the perfect clips.

Our next challenge was filming all the soccer scenes. It was important to show how soccer is a multicultural, multigenerational, and multiethnic sport. We coordinated with nearly every soccer rec league in the upstate as well as individual players to find when they were playing. We turned all that information in a calendar so our crew could efficiently film what we needed. It took 3 days in multiple locations to capture what we needed.

The opening scene was one of the few scenes that was choreographed. The budget didn’t allow us to light and film at a soccer field exclusively set aside for us so with GSL’s permission, we filmed during the halftime of one of their games. 

The half time period only lasts for 15 minutes so we knew we had a brief window to film the sequence of shots.

During the game we rehearsed the scenes on the sidelines with the actors and had everything ready to go. Once the referee blew the whistle for half time, we rushed onto the field, poured water on the head of the goalie, set up the camera for the shots, and started filming. We got everything we needed in under 15 minutes.

After we finished filming, it was on to editing. It took over 40 hours of editing to get the spot perfect. We had Andy as well as the Greenville Triumph leadership in our office many times to view the edits on our 80” tv. 

Here’s Andy again:

“Part of what I think made this video so moving and so different and so interesting were the incredible talents of the folks at 9/8 Central. 

“Will Stewart, the Director, and Marc Pagliuca, the editor, just really put in an incredible amount of time into this. It became a labor of love. We knew we were doing something that would matter to the community. So they helped turn this into something bigger than anybody expected it to be. 

“I’m really proud to have associated myself with them. They are incredibly talented.”

We work with a lot of agencies to bring their visions to life. It’s always a joy to take what they had in their minds eye and create a tangible video. Bright + Co and Andy are always a joy to work with!

All the best to the Greenville Triumph! We’ll be cheering you on during the upcoming season.