CoverQuest needed a creative product video that educated their customers on a special feature in their site. We worked with CoverQuest and their creative agency, Robojuice, to create a product video that helps them sell even more boat covers.

Finding a boat cover online that fits is really hard. So CoverQuest created an online tool that helps users narrow down the options through a few simple questions.

But they needed a way to explain the tool and encourage people to use it. 

That’s where we came in.

One of the nice parts of working with 9/8 Central is they lead the process but they are very good at explaining how the video process works. If we have questions or concerns, they are very open to saying ‘yes, that makes sense, let’s try it again’ or ‘here’s why we did it that way’. We felt very comfortable in the product we are getting.
— Jeff Carver

Every 9/8 Central shoot has a client monitor where our clients can watch the shots go down in real time. The couch, though, is optional!

We used 3 large reflectors to bounce light into the window. It gave the appearance of daylight streaming into the window in the first scene. As you can see, the sun was actually behind the house.

Unlike our competitors, we shoot exclusively on Hollywood cameras. On this shoot, we used the Carbon Fiber RED Weapon. This model camera has shot movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Gone Girl, and many TV shows. We also shipped in special Hollywood lenses from Los Angeles.

Micah Taylor was our Director. He was responsible for overseeing the details of the day, managing our time, directing the actors and scenes, and ensuring we got the shots we needed. 

Micah also wrote the script and was part of the creative planning for the project.

Will Stewart was the Director of Photography (or DP). He guided the crew in lighting and prepping every scene. The DP is responsible for everything looking beautiful in the scene. He also can't talk without using his hands.

Will also led the creative planning for the project.

Marc Pagliuca was the 1AC for this shoot. He was responsible for focusing the camera wirelessly through a hand unit. He also had his own wireless monitor where he could watch the action and "pull focus".

Latia Curtis was our makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. She helped our clients make the best decisions on wardrobe.

Before the day of the shoot she worked tirelessly to find talent and handle all the many details to pull off a product video like this.

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