Jacob Johnson is a talented musician in the Greenville area. When we got the last minute call to film a music video with him, of course, the answer was an enthusiastic yes.

The Director, Chris White, wanted a very intimate, raw vibe to the video. He wanted it to feel like Jacob was simply sitting on his porch in the moonlight, singing a ballad in honor of Gene Wilder.

All the shots were hand held on the RED Weapon Carbon Fiber. It took 5 takes for Jacob to find his groove and for the camera work to match. Focus was pulled remotely with our 1AC using a remote monitor and follow focus.

The RED Weapon's Dragon sensor handled the low light conditions very well. We lit knowing the limitations of the camera, but we were able to push it more than expected using the standard OLPF and filming at 1280 ISO.

The lighting setup was fairly simple. Inside, we lit a 1K Tungsten Fresnel shot through bleached muslin. Outside, we lit Jacob with a daylight-balanced 1500w Flolight fluorescent light bank that was shot through a roll of half frost. We flagged off the light that was hitting the house so the house wouldn't reflect too much light. The thought was to shoot daylight balanced on the camera and have the inside light of the house feel warm and inviting. 

We set up the camera outside on the truck tailgate lit by a 500w LED. In the background is a portion of the set lighting before we flagged the lights from hitting the house.

In post, we used the Lutify.me "Hilutite" LUT to help with the color grade. This was the first time using Lutify's products. They are impressive! Some LUT packages add extreme color and contrast but Lutify keeps it balanced and not too extreme.